Jeff Bridges


This morning I worked on a portrait drawing of Jeff Bridges who, like my previous post, is nominated for an Oscar for Male Lead Actor.  You can probably see a theme taking place here.  I chose to draw the Oscar contenders because I really didn’t want to have to spend time thinking about what to draw but, instead spend the time drawing.

Javier Bardem


Since I have been focusing so much of my time recently on photography (pardon the pun), I haven’t had much time for drawing.  I love photography.  I love spending the day in a pasture or barn photographing cattle or horses but, I do miss sitting down and putting pencil to paper and creating.  So, I’m trying to take a few minutes here and there just to sketch.

As you can see from my previous posts I’ve been attempting to create caricatures.  I think it’s been a way of combining two forms of art that I love which is cartooning and portrait art and, for the most part, I’ve been happy with what I’ve managed to come up with.  I started to work on a new caricature, this time of Oscar nominee Javier Bardem, when I decided to change it up and try to create a straight portrait drawing.  This is the result.