I’ve been a bad boy.  I started a painting a while ago for someone of their dog, and I could never seem to get it finished.  It was one of those projects where other things would pop up and delay my completion of it.  Of course, that could have just been my excuse for what was really happening.  I did finish it once, but it was horrible.  I found myself struggling.  I was struggling with time management and creative inspiration.  I don’t mean that the subject was uninspiring.  I, creatively, couldn’t find a vision for how I wanted to paint what was in front of me.  In a lot of ways, I was afraid to sit myself in front of the easel, pick up a brush and put paint to canvas.  It was as if I didn’t know how.  Time seem to get me out of my slump though, and perseverance paid off.  I did recently accomplish what I set out to do those many months ago.  I can’t really put a finger on why I struggled, or what was blocking me.  I chalk it up as all creative people go through similar events.  Sometimes, the flood gates are open to allow all the creative irrigation to flow while other times, their closed to enable our bodies to refill.