Brad Pitt Caricature Sketch

Caricatures, Illustration

I usually don’t like to draw my caricatures from a straight on view.  I like more of a 3/4 view where I can play with animating the character a little more.  With a straight on view, I feel like the drawing can get a little flat.  It can lose some of the great characteristics of the face like the way a nose is structured, or the contour of the head that is found in a 3/4 view.  There are exceptions though, and that was the case when I started drawing my sketch of Brad Pitt.  For Brad, it was all about the jawline and the eyes.  Oh yeah, and the long, scraggly hair style he’s sporting these days.

The reason I went with a straight on view this time was the shape that evolved when drawing the jawline.  Brad has a really strong jaw.  I know that I could show that in another view, but what I liked here was the way the hair helped to accentuate the shape.  Also, from this view I felt it was a great way to show off the half opened smile and the slightly raised left eyebrow that are often seen in his expressions.

Tomorrow’s Oscar contender is Glenn Close.

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