Illustration for “One of Us” Event


I was recently asked by Sarah McGinnis of Frenzy Marketing in connection with Tilbury House Publishers if I would be one of a group of illustrators to create a small illustration to be exhibited and hopefully sold to benefit Powered by Girl a campaign from Hardy Girls Healthy Women ( designed to educate teen girls about the impact of media on their lives.  The challenge was to create a page from a children’s book about my life.  A self-portrait that represents who I am now.  I chose to illustrate one of my favorite memories as a child that would shape who I am today.  I wanted to illustrate a Saturday morning when I could almost always be found at the coffee table drawing my favorite characters from the comics section of the paper.  I found that the illustration wasn’t complete without our dog Coco watching me.

The launch party for the exhibit took place on May 24 in New York City.  I learned today that the event was a big success and that my illustration did indeed sell.  YAY, and congrats to all those who organized the event!


2 thoughts on “Illustration for “One of Us” Event

  1. This is really great! Even before I read your article, I had guessed it was you as a kid drawing! Congrats on the illustration selling and helping a great cause. Ol’ Charles Schultz would be proud!

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