Illustration Friday – Trail


I wanted to work on a new illustration and experiment with using the software “Flash” to create it. As happens frequently the well for creative ideas was dry so, I referred to to inspire a subject to work from. The word this week is “Trail” which led me (no pun intended) to produce the following illustration and writing. I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by to look.

Ben could see that this camping spot was already occupied and knowing that the current inhabitant would rather eat him than share such a beautiful spot by the river, he quickly and cautiously began his retreat back to the trail.  Unfortunately, Ben was fully unaware of the stick that rested on the ground behind him.  That is until he settled his weight upon his left foot and heard the heart dropping crack of the breaking stick. Ben froze, fearing that the sound soon would be echoed by the sound of his bones cracking as he became a welcome retreat from the usual dining fare.

Although his body was now suffering in a petrified state, his mind was desperately racing to remember the chapter of his Hiking Handbook titled, “What to do in case of a bear attack.”


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