Summer With The Presidents – George Washington


I decided that I want to try a new blog series.  Originally, it was going to be titled “Coffee with the Presidents” as I was thinking I would create a caricature a day of each of our 44 presidents while drinking my morning coffee.  I just realized as I’m typing this blog that in a couple of days I’m turning 44 and, now I’m illustrating 44 Presidents . . . spooky.  Instead I decided to just spend the “Summer with the Presidents”.  That alleviated the pressure of needing to get one done a day and it will give me the opportunity to spend more time on any that I feel need a little work.  Although, like many artists I never feel like any piece I create is finished.

My goal through all this it to just push myself as a caricature artist and to keep drawing.  Even though I’ve been a cartoonist most of my life, illustrating a caricature is a whole other ball game.  With cartooning I can create any character I want but, with caricatures the subject needs to look and be recognizable as a particular person.  Tough task when I’m distorting and pushing their facial features.

An added bonus will be learning our U.S. Presidents.  I was taught in school many years ago who they were and in what order them became President but, like many of the things that I learned in school and have never used since, I haven’t retained that information.  Good thing this time is I’m in charge and, I can guarantee that there will be no quiz at the end.

The first President of the United States is obviously George Washington.  We all know that right?  One thing I never knew though was that he died of a throat infection.  Here is a great account of his death written by his adopted son George Washington Custis, for those who are interested.


2 thoughts on “Summer With The Presidents – George Washington

  1. Robbie:

    This is really great and I think an excellent “caricature campaign” for the summer and in celebration of your 44th birthday in a few days! Really awesome bro!

    Also, another piece of trivia, ol’ George never lived in the White House. He lived at his home, Mt. Vernon.



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